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Book Review: Doctor’s Orders by Diane Duane

After some heavy-going historical reading throughout January, I wanted to start the month with something a little more light-hearted in February.

I love Star Trek – for me, best sci-fi series there’s ever been – particularly the Original Series and Next Generation. Dr Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy, CMO of the USS Enterprise is my absolute favourite character; he’s sassy, sarcastic, grumpy, competent, loyal as hell and a perfect foil to Kirk and Spock. So when I was hunting for McCoy or Scotty (another favourite) centric novels, Doctor’s Orders immediately stood out.

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Books Reviews: Three Sherlock Holmes Pastiches

I have something of a complex relationship with Sherlock Holmes pastiches – sometimes I really enjoy them, sometimes I’m completely ambivalent, sometimes I loathe them – but invariably I pick them apart with the relish of a pedant. Partly it’s because I’m too much of a book snob for my own good, but largely it’s due to the fact that Sherlock Holmes is a series so close to my heart that, although I always want more stories, I have almost unreasonably high standards when it comes to other people playing in the sandpit.

In the last ten days or so, I’ve got through three very different pastiches that between them showcase some of the best elements of Holmes imitations and also some of the reoccurring niggles I have with them. Here is a brief summary of what I thought about them – I will keep it spoiler free for any Holmes fans looking for a new mystery to enjoy.

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Austen April – Northanger Abbey

Here we are at last: my least favoured of all the Austen novels. I put it fifth in the order of reading so that afterwards I would have the literary perfection of Persuasion to look forward to to close off the month, because the truth is; devoted and ardent an admirer though I am of all Jane’s other works, I am not at all much of a fan of Northanger Abbey.

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Book Review: The Railway Detective by Edward Marston

I was very much in need of a new murder mystery series, having long ago finished the Sherlock Holmes canon and then systematically worked my way through all the Poirot and Marple novels, C.J. Sansom’s Shardlake stories and all 21 Phryne Fisher novels. I do prefer my murders historical though – modern crime just doesn’t draw me in the same way – and so the Railway Detective series by Edward Marston seemed a suitable choice, especially as I had read the Christmas special (see my review here) in December and had quite enjoyed it.

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