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Book Reviews: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde…and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek

Last week I managed to get through a couple of relatively short books as a respite from marking dissertations and marketing reports. Given that one was written as an imagined sequel to the other, it made sense to review them together.

Is it worth warning for spoilers when one of the books is over a century old? Well, just in case, there will be spoilers in both of these reviews because it’s impossible to fully discuss them without giving the key plot points away!

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Book Review

Review: Hamlet Prince of Denmark (A Novel)

In all honesty, I had some hefty reservations about purchasing this audiobook. I’m a hardcore Hamlet fangirl; in my opinion it’s one of the most perfect things ever set to paper… and pastiches are usually a huge success or an utter failure. However, seeing that it was narrated by the brilliant Richard Armitage and having an audible credit to dispose of, I thought it was worth giving it a try.

I’m glad I did!
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