Recipe: Christmas Tree cookies – my favourite festive bake!

This is another staple of my Christmas repertoire. They’re a pretty simple biscuit to make but they look so festive when they are decorated. I’ve made them every year since about 2010. Like my Oreo truffles, they’re a BBC Good Food recipe and they make a lovely little present if you want to give something homemade. I may be slightly biased but they go brilliantly with hot chocolate or a cup of tea!

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Recipe: Oreo Truffles – an easy Christmas treat!

I love crafting and baking at Christmas! I always think there’s something so special about giving something that you’ve spent time making yourself and I have several go-to recipes that I make for my family every year.

This year I’ve not managed nearly as much due to being sick for most of December but as soon as I was well enough, these truffles were my first stop. I make them every year (found the recipe on the BBC Good Food website years ago) and they’re always so well received.

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Book Review

Book Review: A Christmas Railway Mystery by Edward Marston

A fortnight ago, when my husband and I were in Waterstones, I had what can only be described as a weak moment. I really only meant to pick up a couple of books to put in with a family member’s Christmas present, but before I knew it I was also holding a Christmas compendium of Jeeves and Wooster and a Christmassy Georgette Heyer.

Just as I decided I’d better head to the till for my own good, my husband appeared holding a hardback and said “Christmas and murder – sounds like your cup of tea!”. He handed me A Christmas Railway Mystery by Edward Marston. I’d not read any of the author’s other work, but I decided to give it a try (I’d filled up my Waterstones stamp card and got a £10 voucher in return so it didn’t even cost me a penny – bargain).

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