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Dad’s Army: My Top Ten Episodes

I’ve written on this blog before about just how much I love Dad’s Army (and various other classic comedies), but this new post is really for two reasons. Firstly, it was prompted by the Royal Mail’s new set of Dad’s Army stamps to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary: each member of the platoon as well as their old adversary Mr Hodges is represented, along with a key catchphrase. I think it’s a lovely way to commemorate a show which has so much become part of our comedy culture.

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My Favourite Things: Classic British Sitcoms

I have a seriously British sense of humour: dry, sarcastic and occasionally more than a little silly. Consequently, I don’t click with a lot contemporary comedy shows, especially American ones. I love stand-up comedy and go to shows whenever I generally can, but what I love to watch more than practically anything else are classic British sitcoms.

Whatever else you can say about the British, my God we can make terrifically funny shows! So many of them are timeless; decades old and yet still pertinent and still hilarious. In fact, of the top five shows I’ve chosen to highlight, three were made before I was born. What makes them so special though is that they never lose their impact. I’ve seen them all dozens of times and yet each episode can still make me laugh – and that is what I think the hallmark of the best comedy is.

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