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Film Review: Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes of Grindelwald

It’s been a looong two year wait to finally see the continuation of Newt Scamander’s adventures in the wizarding world. I remember my husband and I coming home from the midnight opening in 2016 absolutely full of excitement and adoration for this new part of the franchise and complaining “I can’t believe we have to wait two whole years to find out what happens next!”

Last night we went to the midnight opening of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (yeah, we’re die-hard geeks; who needs to go to the cinema during civilised hours?!) and all I can say is: it is most assuredly worth the wait. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet though – this review will be completely spoiler free.

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Film Review – Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

When my husband told me that there was going to be a new Jumanji movie, I must confess that, like with Murder on the Orient Express, I was a little bit sceptical. After all, did it really need a remake? Especially now the late, great Robin Williams was no longer with us. These past few years have felt a little bit like Hollywood is out of ideas and that we are in a perpetual cycle of superhero stories as reboots.

Once the teaser trailers were released though, it was clear that this was going to be a totally different film to the original Jumanji and I started to look forward to it. Craig and I went to see it yesterday and both enjoyed it so much – it totally surpassed our expectations.

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Why Star Wars doesn’t feel like ‘my’ Star Wars anymore…

My husband and I are huge Star Wars fans. Our mutual geekiness was one of the first things that got us talking when we first met. Craig grew up watching Star Wars with his family whereas I discovered it for myself when I was in my teens when I rented The Phantom Menace from our local video rental – my family don’t do sci-fi/fantasy/magic/anything that isn’t 100% realism.

We are both die-hard devotees of the saga and the Expanded Universe so when the announcement came a few years ago that we were going to get all this new and exciting Star Wars content, we were therefore over the moon. The Potter films were over, as were the Hobbit movies (two more of our favourite fandoms) so here at last was the new batch of geekery we needed.

Sadly though, for us, Star Wars just doesn’t feel like our Star Wars anymore. It’s difficult to fully articulate why, but I’m going to try anyway. Be warned though, there will be spoilers throughout!

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Film Review: Murder on the Orient Express

It was with some hesitation I booked tickets for my husband and I to go and see Murder on the Orient Express this morning. It struck me as yet another instance of Hollywood remaking something that didn’t actually need remaking. Plus, how could anyone – even a titan of the acting world like Kenneth Branagh, of whom I am a huge fan – hope to compete with the matchless David Suchet? For me, Suchet is the definitive Poirot; a man who so perfectly captured the character that it was as though he’d walked straight out of one of the books. I’ve never watched anyone but him in the role.

As it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the film.

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Determined to master this blogging malarkey…

So, here we are, my third attempt at blogging in a decade!

Recently, while doing a bit of life pondering, I came to the not-very-cheerful realisation that I will soon be 29 and, as such, about to enter the last year of my twenties. They have gone by tremendously fast an I’m determined to make this last year count.

Consequently, it is my aim to cease being a procrastinator of olympic calibre and start catching up on all the things I’ve always wanted or meant to do before now. I’ve started violin lessons and I am absolutely adamant that I’m going to sustain a blog for at least a year. I’ve tried twice before but lost momentum on both occasions. Not this time, I hope.

Here I will be logging reviews of the various books and films I get through in the course of the next year, my various ramblings about history – expect a considerable amount of fangirling over Napoleon and posts about Richard III – and a hearty helping of geek culture.

Let’s see how well I stick at it!