Determined to master this blogging malarkey…

So, here we are, my third attempt at blogging in a decade!

Recently, while doing a bit of life pondering, I came to the not-very-cheerful realisation that I will soon be 29 and, as such, about to enter the last year of my twenties. They have gone by tremendously fast an I’m determined to make this last year count.

Consequently, it is my aim to cease being a procrastinator of olympic calibre and start catching up on all the things I’ve always wanted or meant to do before now. I’ve started violin lessons and I am absolutely adamant that I’m going to sustain a blog for at least a year. I’ve tried twice before but lost momentum on both occasions. Not this time, I hope.

Here I will be logging reviews of the various books and films I get through in the course of the next year, my various ramblings about history – expect a considerable amount of fangirling over Napoleon and posts about Richard III – and a hearty helping of geek culture.

Let’s see how well I stick at it!