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Book Review: The Order of the White Boar by Alex Marchant

I am firmly of the conviction that you’re never too old to enjoy a well-written children’s book. In fact, sometimes they are welcome break if work has been particularly hectic marking-wise or if I don’t have the energy for more heavy-going literature. The Narnia and Harry Potter books, or even Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl if I’m feeling particularly nostalgic, are like old valued friends.

Being of that viewpoint, I was really keen to get stuck into The Order of the White Boar by Alex Marchant; a children’s book set in 1482 and starring Richard III. After an absolutely rotten week full of car trouble, an ever-expanding to do list and the inability to eat my lunch while it was hot due to people turning up at my office every day, I sat down with the Kindle edition last night looking for some escapism.

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Historical Fiction – My Top Recommendations

Historical fiction is one of my go-to genres and makes up an enormous amount of my book collection. Indeed, when I offered to loan some books to a colleague earlier this year and discussed her preferences, I realised that I could probably count on one hand the books I own set after 1950 (and if I were to discount Agatha Christie, 1900 would be a more accurate benchmark).

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