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Why Star Wars doesn’t feel like ‘my’ Star Wars anymore…

My husband and I are huge Star Wars fans. Our mutual geekiness was one of the first things that got us talking when we first met. Craig grew up watching Star Wars with his family whereas I discovered it for myself when I was in my teens when I rented The Phantom Menace from our local video rental – my family don’t do sci-fi/fantasy/magic/anything that isn’t 100% realism.

We are both die-hard devotees of the saga and the Expanded Universe so when the announcement came a few years ago that we were going to get all this new and exciting Star Wars content, we were therefore over the moon. The Potter films were over, as were the Hobbit movies (two more of our favourite fandoms) so here at last was the new batch of geekery we needed.

Sadly though, for us, Star Wars just doesn’t feel like our Star Wars anymore. It’s difficult to fully articulate why, but I’m going to try anyway. Be warned though, there will be spoilers throughout!

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